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Program: How to get process environment variables in java at runtime?


The ProcessBuilder.environment() method returns you the ProcessBuilder's environemnt. Below example shows how to read it.

package com.java2novice.processbuilder;

import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

public class MyEnvDetails {

	public static void main(String a[]){
		ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder();
		Map<String, String> envMap = pb.environment();
		Set<String> keys = envMap.keySet();
		for(String key:keys){
			System.out.println(key+" ==> "+envMap.get(key));

SHELL ==> /bin/bash
JAVA_MAIN_CLASS_37131 ==> com.java2novice.processbuilder.MyEnvDetails
APP_ICON_385 ==> ../Resources/Eclipse.icns ==> client
TMPDIR ==> /var/folders/2n/yf7x2fdx3bv6g31hn4stv1y0_qsrzm/T/
__CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING ==> 0x157CE3F4:0:0
PATH ==> /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
COMMAND_MODE ==> unix2003
DISPLAY ==> /tmp/launch-DwnV41/org.x:0
USER ==> root ==>
Apple_Ubiquity_Message ==> /tmp/launch-u3pr6e/Apple_Ubiquity_Message
LOGNAME ==> root
Apple_PubSub_Socket_Render ==> /tmp/launch-nboOhX/Render
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