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Program: Basic TreeSet Operations.


Below example shows basic operations on TreeSet like creating object, adding elements to it, verifies elements existance, deleting all elements at once, size of the set and deleting a specific element.

package com.java2novice.treeset;

import java.util.TreeSet;

public class MyBasicTreeset {

	public static void main(String a[]){
		TreeSet<String> ts = new TreeSet<String>();
		System.out.println("Elements: "+ts);
		//check is set empty?
		System.out.println("Is set empty: "+ts.isEmpty());
		//delete all elements from set
		System.out.println("Is set empty: "+ts.isEmpty());
		System.out.println("Size of the set: "+ts.size());
		//remove one string
		System.out.println("Elements: "+ts);

Elements: [one, three, two]
Is set empty: false
Is set empty: true
Size of the set: 3
Elements: [one, three]
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